CK Baitfish

We have been good friends with Chuck Kraft for years. His flies are legendary and fished by the best smallmouth guides in the Mid-Atlantic. Colby worked for the past 2 years to get these flies in mass production by Montana Fly Company after Kreel Tackle closed shop. We will be offering the CK Baitfish in more colors and sizes ever offered before. Now everyone will have access to some of the BEST smallmouth and largemouth flies known to man. These flies are in incredibly high demand and they will not last long. Be sure to stock up while you can. We expect inventories will be deeper by the end of summer. One last exciting bit of news....these flies are now available for $3.95! $1 cheaper than ever offered by Kreel Tackle! Currently available in Size #1 NEW CHARTREUSE, ORANGE, White, Olive, Yellow, and Black/Purple.

CK Baitfish
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  • Item #: 34-0860
  • Manufacturer: Montana Fly Company
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Price $3.95