Cheeky Dozer 525

Can we start by telling you how HUGE this fly reel is?  You would have to be crazy to buy it, but that’s exactly what you are if you’re chasing shark, tuna or billfish on the fly.  And guess what?  We’re crazy too … crazy enough to design the Dozer 525 specifically for fly fishermen like you.

With its massive 5.25 inch diameter, the Dozer 525 is designed to withstand battles against the ocean’s most ferocious beasts.  At only 10.6 oz, this reel has an insane strength-to-weight ratio, and its MAX Arbor and 600+ yard backing capacity are critical for the blistering run of any ocean giant.  The Dozer 525 will give you the confidence you need in your blue water fly reel. Line weights 12, 14, and 16. 

Cheeky Dozer 525
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  • Item #: Dozer525
  • Manufacturer: Cheeky Fly Fishing
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Price $460.00