Cheeky Mojo 425

We have heard a million fly fishing stories.  The best ones are not about the biggest fish or the one that got away, but those days when the fish are stacked up like pancakes.  Tailing redfish or bonefish as far as the eye can see, schools of stripers ten deep against the rocks, or an epic five fish day on your favorite steelhead or Atlantic salmon river is what the Mojo 425 is all about.

Versatility is key in fly fishing and that’s exactly what the Mojo 425 provides.  At 7.0 oz and 4.25” in diameter, it’s the ultimate all-around saltwater reel and the ideal weapon for your big freshwater excursions. Line weights 7, 8, 9, 10.

Cheeky Mojo 425
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  • Item #: mojo425
  • Manufacturer: Cheeky Fly Fishing
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Price $380.00