Clearwater 912-4 Fly Rod

4? oz. 9', 4-piece, Fly Rod for 12-wt. line.

Feel a runaway freight train on the end of your line and the adrenaline coursing through your body as you jump a 180-pound tarpon in Islamorada. Then, smile as you remember you didn't have to spend a fortune to do so. With the Clearwater 912-4, the most practical rod for big-game anglers on a budget, never before has a quality 12-weight rod been so affordable. Lighter than some 8-weights, yet solid enough to stand up to the sport's ultimate fish, it's the perfect combination of power, utility, and value. Pick one up, tie on a fly, and chase the trophy of your dreams. Saltwater reel seat with cork-and-EVA foam fighting butt.

Clearwater 912-4 Fly Rod
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  • Item #: 4Y1L51
  • Manufacturer: Orvis
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Price $225.00