Custom Ultra Suede Synthetics

Master fly designer and guide Chuck Kraft has been creating some of the most productive fly patterns since 1961! Here are all his designs in popular colors and sizes. Flies like the CK Baitfish, Clawdad, Critter Bug, Boga Bugs, CK-da, and more use these wonderful lifelike and tear proof tails.
CK Baitfish Tail Fish- Skull Crawbody CK Curly Tails
CK Baitfish TailFish- Skull CrawbodyCK Curly Tail

The original tail design of Chuck Kraft himself. Now available in multiple sizes and colors!

A realistic, anatomically correct crayfish (”crawdad”) exoskeleton made of light-weight, synthetic suede material. There are 8 bodies per pack. Small bodies require hook size 6 and 8. Large bodies require hook size 2 and 4.

Chuck Krafts original curly tail design. Try it on a bugger, sculpin, or a baitfish pattern. You won't believe the action this material will give your favorite streamer!




CK Damsel Fly Tail CK Leech Tails CK Worm Tails
CK Damsel Fly TailCK Leech TailsCK Worm Tail

Chuck Kraft designed this material years ago to ride on the back of a cork bug to give his fly a true silhouette of a damsel fly or dragon fly.

Make the most realistic leech patterns you have ever seen with this tough, long lasting material!

Create your own worm patterns for bass, large trout, stripers, and other large predatory species.




Clawdad claw tails Frog legs
Clawdad Claw TailsFrog Legs

The original Clawdad Tail designed by Chuck Kraft. This is the critical material used in the Clawdad, one of the most effective crayfish flies ever created.

Add these to the back of your favorite frog patterns for a very lifelike profile and action!