C.D.C. Puffs (Cul- De- Canard) CDC Bulk 3 Grams Mallard Barred Flank
C.D.C. Puffs (Cul- De- Canard)CDC Bulk 3 GramsMallard Barred Flank

C. D. C. Puffs are more soft and supple than regular C.D.C. Some of their many uses are for midges, emergers, and comparaduns.

Premium selected CDC feathers specially packaged to preserve the quality of the feather. Long full feathers with great colors to match the hatch. Use for wings, tails, legs, collars, and wing pads. 3 grams per pack.

The finely barred black and white feathers of Mallard Barred Flank are used for legs, throats, tails, wings and wing cases on nymphs, wets and dries.




Mallard Duck Wing Matched Pair Wood Duck Lemon Barred
Mallard Duck Wing Matched PairWood Duck Lemon Barred

These beautifully matched Mallard Duck Wing pairs are perfect for tying classic wet flies.

Prime Lemon Barred Wood Duck flank feathers are used on many classic Catskill dries, nymphs and wet flies.