Add realism and increase strikes by adding eyes to your favorite patterns! We have a large range of brass, plastic, and sticker eyes in various sizes for just about any streamer or big baitfish pattern you are tying.

Fish Skull Living Eyes Spirit River Dazl Eyes Wapsi Dumbbell Eyes
Fish Skull Living EyesSpirit River Dazl EyesWapsi Dumbbell Eyes

Fish-Skull Living Eyes 3D Fly Eyes are the next generation of 3D fish eyes for fly tying.

Machined Brass Dumbell Eyes.

Wapsi Dumbbell Eyes are solid lead. Pioneered by Tom Schmuecker of Wapsi Fly. Adds action, weight, and looks to a fly. A critical component of the Clouser Minnow. 24 eyes per package.




Mono Eyes Solid Plastic Eyes
Mono EyesSolid Plastic Eyes

Mono Eyes are tiny, lightweight, plastic nymph eyes. They are great on dragonfly nymphs and crawfish. Available 24 per package.

Solid Plastic Eyes are three dimensional and very lifelike. You can remove the stem to mount flush for a realistic look. Available 18 per package.