Fish Skull Fish Mask Fish Skull Living Eyes Fish- Skull Articulated Shank
Fish Skull Fish MaskFish Skull Living EyesFish- Skull Articulated Shank

 Tie weightless streamers that suspend in the water column.

Bring your flies to life with the most realistic 3D eyes on the market.

The Articulated Shank™ is an innovative, new fly tying material designed to simplify the tying of articulated flies.




Fish- Skull Sculpin Helmet Fish-Skull Articulated Big Game Shank Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine
Fish- Skull Sculpin HelmetFish-Skull Articulated Big Game ShankFish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine Pack

The ultimate heavyweight head for deep-swimming, hook-up streamers.

Tie large, articulated streamers to catch river, lake, and sea monsters.

Tie animated baitfish patterns with ultra-lifelike action.




Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine Fish-Skull Baitfish Heads
Fish-Skull Articulated Fish SpinesFish-Skull Baitfish Heads

Tie animated baitfish patterns with ultra-lifelike action.

The absolute best material for tying weighted streamer patterns.