Fish- Skull Articulated Shank Fish- Skull Baitfish Heads Fish- Skull Crawbody
Fish- Skull Articulated ShankFish- Skull Baitfish HeadsFish- Skull Crawbody

The Articulated Shank™ is an innovative, new fly tying material designed to simplify the tying of articulated flies. It can be used as a simple component in single-hook and two-hook articulated streamers and poppers . It is also used for...

The Fish-Skull™ is available in 4 sizes and 7 colors. Each pack of SMALL size has 10 skulls, SMALL-MEDIUM size and the MEDIUM sizes have 8 skulls and the LARGE size has 6 skulls. Included with each pack is a full set of 3D fish eyes.

A realistic, anatomically correct crayfish (”crawdad”) exoskeleton made of light-weight, synthetic suede material. There are 8 bodies per pack. Small bodies require hook size 6 and 8. Large bodies require hook size 2 and 4.




Fish- Skull Sculpin Helmet Nymph-Head Articulated Wiggle-Tail Shank for Trout Flies
Fish- Skull Sculpin HelmetNymph-Head Articulated Wiggle-Tail Shank for Trout Flies

The Sculpin Helmet is an exciting, new style of Fish-Skull™ with a realistic, flat and broad profile that imitates common bottom-dwelling fish species such as sculpins, gobies and baby catfish. 

Articulation for smaller trout flies now made easy.