Fish Pond Packs

Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack Fishpond El Nino Guide Pack Fishpond Thunderhead Sling
Fishpond Wildhorse Tech PackFishpond El Nino Guide PackFishpond Thunderhead Sling

The crown jewel of the Fishpond vest line, the Wildhorse Tech Pack is actually a vest and backpack rolled into one.

The El Niño will keep your gear 100% dry and protected.

A fully submersible well thought out feature rich fishing sling.




Fishpond Oxbow Chest/Backpack Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack
Fishpond Oxbow Chest/Backpack Fishpond Wasatch Tech PackFishpond Black Canyon Backpack

The Oxbow backpack comes with a Savage Creek Chest Pack.

The Wasatch blurs the line between a traditional fishing vest and a technical pack.

The Black Canyon Backpack will not only get you there but it can keep you there.




Fishpond Bitch Creek Backpack Fishpond Delta Sling Pack Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack
Fishpond Bitch Creek BackpackFishpond Delta Sling PackFishpond Gore Range Tech Pack

The Bitch Creek Backpack is built from recycled commercial fishing nets.

The Delta Sling is sure to keep you well equipped for those out-of-the-way expeditions.

It's really a vest, but it has the versatility of a pack.




Fishpond Westwater Roll Top Backpack Fishpond Buckhorn Sling fishpond yampa guide pack
Fishpond Westwater Roll Top BackpackFishpond Buckhorn SlingFishpond Yampa Guide Pack

Fish with the confidence knowing that the new Roll Top Backpack will shield all of your gear from whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

 The Buckhorn is ambidextrous and dons the features to efficiently carry your gear and accessories.

The Yampa Guide Pack has the room to organize it all.




Fishpond Lodgepole Fishing Satchel Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack Fishpond Summit Sling
Fishpond Lodgepole Fishing SatchelFishpond Nimbus Guide PackFishpond Summit Sling

This durable cotton canvas satchel brings some heritage back to the sport. When all you want to do is fish, simply grab this bag and go.

Enough Space for 4 big fly boxes and your lunch! Lightweight and comfortable for a long day on the water.

The most comfortable, durable, and design rich sling available.




Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack Fishpond Blue River Waxed Cotton Canvas Pack Fishpond Dragonfly Guide LTE Chest/Lumbar Pack
Fishpond Waterdance Guide PackFishpond Blue River Waxed Cotton Canvas PackFishpond Dragonfly Guide Lte Chest/Lumbar Pack

The Waterdance is considered the "ultimate" lumbar pack.

 One of our longest selling packs can still be be worn as a lumbar, chest pack or sling.

The perfect combinations of lightweight and utility are mixed together with this piece.




Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack Fishpond Savage Creek Chest Pack Fishpond Blue River Chest Lumbar Pack
Fishpond Encampment Lumbar PackFishpond Savage Creek Chest PackFishpond Blue River Chest Lumbar Pack

More flexible than a veteran yoga instructor.

A package that speaks convenience and comfort.

 One of our most popular packs, for a number of good reasons.




fishpond arroyo chest pack Fishpond Medicine Bow Chest Pack Fishpond Flint Hills Lumbar Pack
Fishpond Arroyo Chest PackFishpond Medicine Bow Chest PackFishpond Flint Hills Lumbar Pack

It's just comfortable. This minimalist chest/lumbar pack is perfect when a single fly box isn't enough, but more than two is just too much. Wear as a chest, waist, or sling bag for any local creek or stream.

Small and lightweight, it can deceive, but the pack is jammed with features.

A great lumbar pack for those that like to keep it simple.




Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack
Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack

For the angler who likes to travel light. You can eliminate all but the basics and feel comfortable you still have everything you need.