Indian Rooster Saddle Patches grizzly matuka soft hackle Henry's Fork Hackle
Economy Rooster Saddle PatchesGrizzly Matuka Soft Hackle Henry's Fork Hackle

These beautifully dyed premium Rooster Saddle Patches are the best for large streamers and palmering wooly buggers.

Grizzly Matuka Soft Hackle is the feather for hackling large trout, bass and saltwater flies when a softer, webbier feather is needed. It can also be used for tying Near Nuff Sculpins.

You can use Henry's Fork Hackle as a substitute for regular rooster hackle on almost any fly. Also works great for a dubbing substitute on nymphs.




Indian Rooster Saddle Patches Soft Hackle Hen Saddle Patches Strung Rooster Saddles Long
Indian Rooster Saddle PatchesSoft Hackle Hen Saddle PatchesStrung Rooster Saddles Long

If you have an interest in winged streamers, these Indian Rooster Saddle Patches are the coolest. Hackles are narrow, stiff and have a good taper. Use for small wooly buggers and large dry flies.

Soft Hackle Hen Saddle Patches are great for nymph collars, legs and tails, as well as soft hackle flies and crawdad claws. 

These Strung Rooster Saddles are 4 to 6 inches long and are good for streamers, wets, bass and saltwater flies, and great for wooly buggers. This is one of the top ten essential fly tying materials.




Strung Schlappen Long Whiting Bronze 1/4 Saddle Whiting Bronze Half Cape
Strung Schlappen LongWhiting Bronze 1/4 SaddleWhiting Bronze Half Cape

Schlappen is not only fun to say but fun to use. Measuring 6 to 7 inches of long, soft, solid web, it is a key ingredient in spey and saltwater flies.

The ultimate in dry fly tying! Size 14 and smaller.

The ultimate in dry fly tying!




Whiting Midge Bronze 1/4 Saddle
Whiting Midge Bronze 1/4 Saddle

The ultimate in dry fly tying! 80% or more hook size 18 or smaller.