Horodysky’s Rubber Legged Mopsicle

Horodysky’s Rubber Legged Mopsicle is a state-of-the-art fusion of the pattern’s heritage with modern materials to create an irresistible trout-pounding morsel.  The Rubber Legged Mopsicle combines an Umpqua 403BLJ barbless jig hook chassis with more modern chenille microfiber mop body materials, and capitalizes on the designer’s passion for light-bending prismatic optical triggers. The result - improved catchability along with reduced snagging potential. 

In Tan, Gray, Brown, Purple, Black, Pink, and Chartreuse.

Key Rubber Legged Mopsicle characteristics:

  • Durable microfiber chenille body provides shape and silhouette, irresistibly chewy mouthfeel typical of soft bodied prey.  When wet, the body appears faintly segmented.
  • Prismatic thorax veil and contrasting collar provide key strike triggers and impressions of translucence, feigning movement.  The Rubber Legged Mopsicle’s Designer has a PhD in fish sensory and energetic ecology and researches gamefish vision.  
  • Tungsten bead and fly profile allow fly to get down quickly and stay there 
  • Umpqua competition barbless jig hook ensures snagfree positioning, confident hooksets, and quick and stress-free releases of landed fish.  Best in the business. 
Horodysky’s Rubber Legged Mopsicle
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