Korkers WhiteHorse Wading Boot

A performance-packed wading boot that combines innovative technologies and a traditional look.

  • Lightweight wading boots with drainage ports to further reduce weight
  • Durable toe cap, synthetic uppers and triple stitching
  • M2 Boa Lacing for a customized, convenient fit
  • Omnitrax sole system makes switching between felt, rubber and studded soles easy

The felt soles are especially helpful on slippery, moss covered rocks and the synthetic uppers, triple stitching and oversized toe cap enhance durability. These wading boots feature the M2 Boa Lacing System for easy adjustment after hiking to your favorite fishing spot and the Boa dial makes getting out of the boots at the end of a long day a cinch.  Since the Whitehorse Wading Boots are lightweight, they reduce fatigue while integrated drainage ports shed water to further reduce weight. And for versatility, the Whitehorse Wading Boots from Korkers also include Omnitrax interchangeable soles, so you can easily switch between felt, rubber or studded soles depending on where you are fishing that day. 


Korkers White Horse Wading Boot
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  • Item #: KWH
  • Manufacturer: Korkers
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Price $179.99