Misc. Hair and Fur

Antelope Australian Opossum Badger
AntelopeAustralian OpossumBadger

The hair of the antelope has large air pockets so that it floats well. It is very suitable for many dry fly patterns.

Austrailian Opossum is one of the buggiest furs and is easy to dub. Large Package.

Badger hair is well marked for streamer wings and saltwater collars.




Beaver Kiptail (Calftail) Fox
BeaverCalf Body HairFox

The natural warm gray underfur of Beaver is great for small dry flies. Size Large

A fine straight easy to stack hair, very popular for dry fly wings.

Prime fur in natural colors, on the skin. Size Large




Kiptail (Calftail) Moose Body Moose Mane
Kiptail (Calftail)Moose Body Moose Mane

You will find these Kiptail a pleasure to use. An extra process leaves the calftails very clean of dye and natural oils. Beautifully dyed, even to the roots.

A few hairs of Moose Body make a great stiff tail for dry flies.

Wrap Moose Mane like a quill for dry fly body building. This hair is very long and loose.




Muskrat Sculpin Wool Wild Boar Hair
MuskratSculpin WoolWild Boar Hair

Great for casual dress. Muskrat Back is the original. It is Adams Gray in color. Size Small

Spin Sculpin Wool as you would deer hair to make great heads on muddler minnows and woolhead sculpins. Try spinning 2 or 3 different colors at once for a mottled head appearance.

Natural Material for tails, legs, bodies, or antennae!





The beautiful barred guard hairs of Woodchuck work great for streamer wings. Size Large