Nymph Hooks

Nymph-Head Articulated Wiggle-Tail Shank for Trout Flies Bead-Head Nymph Hook Curved Nymph Hook
Nymph-Head Articulated Wiggle-Tail Shank for Trout FliesOrvis Bead-Head Nymph HookOrvis Curved Nymph Hook

Articulation for smaller trout flies now made easy.

Curved shank nymph hook is useful for tying bead-head flies such as stonefly nymphs.

Curved fly hook for tying stonefly, mayfly, or caddis nymphs.




Heavy Egg Hook Heavy/Wet Nymph Hook Muddler/Stonefly Hook
Orvis Heavy Egg HookOrvis Heavy/Wet Nymph HookOrvis Muddler/Stonefly Hook

Land big egg-eating fish with heavy gauge hooks designed to fight trout and steelhead.

Fish confidently with strong fly hooks that won't bend when fighting salmon or steelhead.

The essential hook for the Golden Retriever fly. These medium shank hooks are perfect for tying any sculpin fly.




Scud, Shrimp, & San Juan Worm Hook Traditional Nymph Hook
Orvis Scud, Shrimp, & San Juan Worm HookOrvis Traditional Nymph Hook

Heavy short shank fly hooks are best for tying scud, shrimp, San Juan worm or caddis fly patterns.

The standard fly fishing hook for tying traditional mayfly nymphs, with a round bend and a 2X long shank. 1X heavy wire. 25 pack