Orvis Freshwater Floating Fly Lines

Hydros 3D Bank Shot Line Orvis Hydros 3D WF Trout Hydros Bass Warmwater Line
Orvis Hydros 3D Bank Shot LineOrvis Hydros 3D WF TroutOrvis Hydros Bass Warmwater Line

Hit those big fish lies quickly with this quick loading streamer fly line.

The finest trout fly line you can put on a reel. Fully engineered with features to improve your cast and presentation for greater productivity on the stream. Incredible frictionless casting for most trout fishing situations. 3D texturing combined...

The compact head on our bass fly line lets you easily turn over big flies.




Orvis Hydros Power Taper Hydros Salmon Steelhead Fly Line Hydros Superfine Trout Line
Orvis Hydros Power TaperOrvis Hydros Salmon Steelhead Fly LineOrvis Hydros Superfine Trout Line

Improve your casting performance with this slightly overweighted fly line. Made in USA.

Achieve better and longer drag free drifts with our Salmon and Steelhead long-belly fly line.

Our technical presentation trout fly line delivers superior stealth. Made in USA.




Orvis Hydros Trout Line Orvis Access WF Trout Line Orvis Clearwater Fly Line
Orvis Hydros Trout LineOrvis Access WF Trout LineOrvis Clearwater Fly Line

The most versatile weight-forward trout taper we offer, now in the new Hydros configuration. This fly line incorporates new technological advances including: 1. Hy-Flote Tip — Highly specialized Micro-balloonsTM concentrated in the front of the...

Versatile freshwater floating trout fly line offering outstanding performance across a broad range of conditions. Supple braided multifilament core. Weight forward fly line with mid-length head for easy casting and mending.

An entry level fly line designed to aid the inexperienced caster. This beginner fly line is built a half-size heavy to help load the rod. New sleek and durable welded loop makes leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated use....