Orvis Packs

Orvis Gale Force Backpack Orvis Gale Force Sling Pack Orvis Gale Force Waist Pack
Orvis Gale Force BackpackOrvis Gale Force Sling PackOrvis Gale Force Waist Pack

Take along all the essentials on your next fishing excursion with this versatile backpack.

Rain or shine, this water resistant sling pack is ready to go.

Stay comfortable and well prepared with our fly-fishing waist pack.




Orvis Safe Passage Angler's Day Pack Orvis Safe Passage Chip Pack Orvis Safe Passage Guide Sling
Orvis Safe Passage Angler's Day PackOrvis Safe Passage Chip PackOrvis Safe Passage Guide Sling

Created by anglers for anglers, this pack is made for the days you're putting miles on your boots and the topo map is in hand.

 The Chip Pack brings your favorite features together in one versatile design.

The Guide Sling Pack levels the playing field - you against that wily fish hiding on the far bank. 




Orvis Safe Passage Hip Pack Safe Passage Sling Pack
Orvis Safe Passage Hip PackOrvis Safe Passage Sling Pack

 Free your upper body to cast and move naturally while placing the weight on your hips.

The Sling Pack, our most popular style of pack, has undergone an upgrade.