Orvis Superfine Touch 763-4 Full Flex Fly Rod

7' 6", 3 Weight, 4 Piece, Fly Rod Our fly rods feature a traditional un-sanded chassis with a brand new graphite engine. The original Superfine rods were Orvis' first graphite rods and through the years retained a loyal following of anglers who prize the delicacy and unhurried precision of the original full–flex rods. That original Superfine heritage returns in the new Superfine Touch Series–a series that incorporates the newest in Orvis carbon-based composites. These are impregnated with a new epoxy–based resin system with plasticizers for a toughened resin system, offering the lightest and most powerful graphite ever. Combined with our Exclusive Load Ratio design, these Superfine Touch graphite fly rods are classic in look and full–flex performance, but smoother casting and lighter than ever before possible. Full–flex never felt so good.

Orvis Superfine Touch 763-4 Full Flex Fly Rod
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