Barred Zonker Strips Cross Cut Rabbit Zonker Strips Hares Mask With Ears
Barred Zonker StripsCross Cut Rabbit Zonker StripsHares Mask With Ears

Barred Zonker Strips are the perfect addition to any Streamer, Leech, Flesh Fly or Double Bunny pattern. The barring imitates the mottling found on many Sculpins, and these strips can be wrapped or tied in as Zonker wings. Try wrapping 2...

Premium-quality rabbit that has been crosscut. Wraps around hook shank for flesh flies, bunny spey, and saltwater baitfish. 1/8" wide and approximately 3 feet long.

Hares mask is a must for the Hares Ear Nymph. These are from imported English Hare. Available in Natural only.




Magnum Cut Zonker Strips Rabbit Strip 2 Toned Rabbit Whole Skins
Magnum Cut Zonker StripsRabbit Strip 2 TonedRabbit Whole Skins
Ideal for large streamers. A full 1/4" wide for maximum attraction. Deeply piled for optimal movement and realism underwater. Approximately 3 feet long.

These strips are dyed a darker color at the tips of the hair.  The strips can also be wound on a hook to create some unusual bunny buggers.

Premium hides can be cut for zonkers or sheared for dubbing.




Standard Rabbit Zonker Strips 1/8" Zonker Strips Chinchilla
Standard Rabbit Zonker Strips 1/8"Zonker Strips Chinchilla
Beautiful, soft tanned rabbit strips expertly cut to meet specific tying needs. Approximately 3 feet per package.Dyed over natural Chinchilla Rabbit. These are ideal for trout and most bass flies. Approximately 3 feet long.