Redington Waders

Redington Sonicdry Fly Wader Redington Sonicdry Wader Redington Sonic-Pro Stocking Foot Wader
Redington Sonicdry Fly WaderRedington Sonicdry WaderRedington Sonic-Pro Stocking Foot Wader

The SonicDry Fly is our premium wader and features 37.5™ technology.

The SonicDry is our premium wader and features 37.5™ technology.

With Redington's Sonic-Pro waders, thousands of stitch holes found in traditional waders just vanished in the blink of superior technology.




Redington Sonicdry Pant Wader Redington Palix River Wader Redington Willow Women's Waders
Redington Sonicdry Pant WaderRedington Palix River WaderWomen's Willow River Wader

The SonicDry Pant is our premium wading pant and features 37.5™ technology. 

A cut above in Redington waders. A feature rich, dependable and durable ally on the water.

Our premier women’s wader. Offers women the comfort, fit and durability every fisher-women craves with feminine details to boot.





Redington Crosswater Wader
Redington Crosswater Wader

Crosswater Waders are constructed from 3-layer, waterproof/breathable DWR coated fabric and are equipped with high density neoprene booties.