Squirmy Wormies

Astounding glow and strong rubber bodi- legs or other apendiges. They are easy to use and make effective basic worms, they can be dangled like a tail or many use them now as legs. I like to wrap them as a soft body. Each assortment has 20 pieces. These are all fish catching colors. The Super Soft silicone rubber will resist thread cutting thru it when you tie it on. They are sure to swim and wiggle. (Impale the worm body on the hook and cinch it down with thread) In addition we now see them being used on patterns like our Compton Crippler Bass fly being utilized as legs. We sure do hear about how good these work on trout and pan fish. Try one as a San Juan Worm! * Caution...they do not mix well with Super Glue and can stick to some fly boxes.

Squirmy Wormies
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  • Manufacturer: Spirit River
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