Streamer Hooks

Fish- Skull Articulated Shank Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Hook 4x Streamer Hook
Fish- Skull Articulated ShankGamakatsu B10S Stinger HookOrvis 4x Streamer Hook

The Articulated Shank™ is an innovative, new fly tying material designed to simplify the tying of articulated flies. It can be used as a simple component in single-hook and two-hook articulated streamers and poppers . It is also used for...

Fly tying starts with quality hooks. Gamakatsu Stinger B10S. The best bass bug hook available.

Used for our Kreelex fly. Gear up your fly tying bench with 4X streamer hooks!




Muddler/Stonefly Hook Pike/Musky Hook Salmon Wet Fly Hook
Orvis Muddler/Stonefly HookOrvis Pike/Musky HookOrvis Salmon Wet-Fly Hook

The essential hook for the Golden Retriever fly. These medium shank hooks are perfect for tying any sculpin fly.

These fly hooks are more than a match for the likes of pike with big teeth and bony mouths. 

Indispensable salmon fly hooks for the serious salmon angler.