Tenkara USA Rods

Ito 13ft-14ft7in 6:4 Ito 13ft-14ft7in 6:4 Ito 13ft-14ft7in 6:4
Tenkara USA ItoTenkara USA RhodoTenkara USA Sato

The Ito is the newest, and longest rod in our lineup. It is arguably the most advanced and sweetest tenkara rod in the market, here or in Japan.

The Rhodo™ is the lightest feeling tenkara rod made by Tenkara USA.

The Sato is a compact and lightweight tenkara rod. At its shorter length it is perfect for tighter streams, and at its full length it will be ideal when the stream opens up.




Simple Fly Fishing Line and Leader Tenkara USA Amago Iwana 12ft. 6:4 Series II
Simple Fly Fishing Line and LeaderTenkara USA AmagoTenkara USA Iwana

A unique level-floating .027" tenkara line built specifically for our tenkara rods.

Named after one of Japan's most beautiful mountain stream trout, the Amago is our longest rod at 13ft and 6inches long (410cm).

The Iwana II features a longer handle with two gripping positions, a curved end for more comfortable gripping at the end, better quality cork and a redesigned endcap that will not spin out while fishing.




Yamame 12ft 7:3
Yamame 12ft 7:3

The Yamame is named after one of the most prevalent fish in the mountain streams of Japan. It is a rod with a lot of power, and the rod with most backbone we currently offer.