UTC Ultra Wire

Ultra Wire is a key ingredient in so many successful fly patterns that it may just be not only the hottest material in fly tying but one of the most often used materials. Most everyone knows that Ultra Wire is the essential material needed for tying John Barr's famous Copper John nymph, but it can also be used several different ways. The original use for Ultra Wire is as a rib on a nymph. Gold Ultra Wire is ideal for Hares Ear nymphs or similar patterns. Black and Brown Ultra Wire are often chosen as a rib on stonefly nymphs. Ultra Wire is also great in the smaller sizes for tying even the smallest midges. No matter what type of fly you are tying there is a size or color of Ultra Wire that is ideal. Since Ultra Wire is a non-tarnishing wire, the colors will remain rich, vibrant, and bold long after your flies have been tied. You can expect their color to remain true for their entire life in your fly box. *Fl Pink not available in Large size
UTC Ultra Wire
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  • Manufacturer: Wapsi
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