Brass-Eyed Kreelex Silver/Gold

This is the original folks. Don't be fooled by generic versions. We are great friends with legendary guide Chuck Kraft and these are tied exactly to his specs! A very effective and durable "flash fly." Gives off a lot of light and movement, and is very easy to cast. Much more durable than similar flies tied with Flashabou. Fabulous for shad in the spring and an excellent large trout fly. Tied on Mustad Signature Series Hooks in sizes 4, 6 and 8. This is one of our best selling flies and has produced the biggest browns and rainbows we have landed in Virginia. Many anglers recognize this as the most productive trout fly they have ever fished. There is a reason it is popular among the anglers that fish the Jackson Hole 1 Fly Tournament every really devastates fish! NEW-fresh from our guide boxes, the copper/copper color is now available. This fly has a few strands of blue incorporated into each side. This is a great muddy water fly!

Brass-Eyed Kreelex Silver/Gold
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  • Item #: beksg
  • Manufacturer: Umpqua Feather Merchants
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