Dry Fly Hooks


Orvis 2x-Long Dry Fly Hook

2x-Long Dry Fly Hook

2X Dry-Fly Hook. For hoppers, crickets, and long-bodied mayflies. Smaller gape-to-shank length is less harmful to small fish

  • Price: $6.75

Orvis Big Down Eye Dry Fly Hook

Big Eye Dry Fly Hook

Many fly tiers prefer down-eye hooks for their looks, particularly on classic patterns. Down-eye style makes tying parachute patterns easier. They have the same great point, Perfect bend, and whisker barb as our original Big Eye hooks. 25 pack.

  • Price: $5.75

Orvis Big Eye Dry Fly Hook

Big Eye Dry Fly Hook

Oversized straight-eye for easy threading. Tie flies onto tippet faster and easier than you can with traditional-eye hooks. 

  • Price: $5.75

Orvis Extra-Fine Dry Fly Hook

Extra-Fine Dry Fly Hook

A classic, strong, all-purpose dry-fly hook. Great for tying all your favorite dry flies from caddis to mayflies. Standard wire fly tying hook with a round bend and turned down eyelet.

  • Price: $5.95