Golden Retriever Fly Gold

There is a reason anglers buy thousands of these each year.....they work! They are a great year round fly for Virginia and beyond. Anglers have caught fish in almost every State on the Golden Retriever. They are great in all water conditions. They are effective dead drifted under an indicator, swung through the current, or retrieved on a fast strip. Big browns and steelhead love this fly as well as crappie, bluegill, and small bass. Landlocked salmon also can't resist the golden retriever. Bonefish and carp have eaten this effective little baitfish pattern. It isn't a secret anymore that we love it for winter brook trout as well. Check our guide boxes if you still aren't convinced, we carry dozens on us when we are on the water! You can't go wrong. This is the original recipe designed with ESTAZ and Flat waxed nylon. Don't be fooled by manufactured retrievers, they are typically made with cactus chenille and poorly tied. Ours are custom tied exclusively for our shop. In size 10 3X only.

Golden Retriever Fly Gold
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  • Manufacturer: Mossy Creek Original
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