Renzetti Traveler 2300 Cam Vise

Standard features for the Traveler Series Vises are an adjustable bobbin cradle, case harden cam jaws, rotary tension screw, a black powder coated base with a 7" stem, or a black powder coated c-clamp  c-clamp with an 8" stem.

To utilize the custom features of this vise it must be ordered for the Right (R) or Left (L) hand tyer . Hooks range is giving so you can utilize the True Rotary feature of this vise.

the Traveler 2300 Series Vises comes with anodized aluminum parts and a black powder coated pedestal base and a black power coated c-clamp.

Renzetti Traveler 2300 Cam Vise
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  • Item #: C2303 R/L
  • Manufacturer: Renzetti
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Price $199.95