Tenkara USA Iwana

Ideal for those seeking very very delicate casting and for fishing smaller streams, the Iwana feels extremely light-weight and with its 6:4 action, very precise. The progressive taper, ultra-light weight, and tip action provides for great battles, even when hooking the smaller fish. Quality and strength are by no means compromised, and landing large fish is not unheard of (8lbs mentioned on a forum thread!). If you are going to streams where 12 inch trout are trophies this is the rod. 12ft (360cm) rod specs NOTE: Due to the telescopic nature of the rods, and the fact that we rounded the numbers to have a clean metric-to-English conversion, rod lengths may vary slightly from indicated. Closed size: 20 1/2 inches (52cm) including 1/2" cap Segments: 9 Handle length: 11 inches (23cm) Weight:2.7oz (76.5grams)

Iwana 12ft. 6:4 Series II
  • Item #: iwana12'
  • Manufacturer: Tenkara USA
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