UTC Flat Mylar Tinsel

Our Flat Mylar Tinsel is a two-tone tinsel with gold on one side and silver on the other. Many classic fly patterns such as the Black-nosed Dace and Muddler Minnow call for a body made with flat tinsel. Unlike the tinsels of yesteryear, Ultra Tinsel is very strong and wraps perfectly flat, making beautiful, durable bodies. In addition to being used on traditional streamer patterns, Ultra Tinsel is ideal for flashback nymphs, midges, and saltwater flies. The uses of Ultra Tinsel are as broad as the imagination of the fly tyer. X-Small= 1/69" Small= 1/32" Medium= 3/64" Large= 1/16"

UTC Flat Mylar Tinsel
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  • Item #: flattinsel
  • Manufacturer: Wapsi
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